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Ladybug Potions®Literally Feel Great -ACV,Turmeric&Cayenne Pepper

A powerful potion of premium apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and turmeric to relieve bloating from inflammation and indigestion while naturally boosting your metabolism and restoring overall gut health. Plus, it is vegan-friendly! Are you smiling yet? It’s the perfect time to start your day right!


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60 Vegetarian Capsules

Literally Feel Great is perfect for anyone looking to: 

★ improve your digestive health*

★ boost your metabolism*

★ naturally cleanse and heal your gut*

★ eliminate unhealthy gut bacteria*

★ prevent any unpleasant or burning sensation from 

     taking apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper*

★ boost your energy levels*

Simply swallow one (1) capsule with a glass of water daily. We recommend taking LITERALLY FEEL GREAT in the morning with food.

We make sure our ingredients are natural and of premium quality 🙂 

★ Apple Cider Vinegar: Widely considered to be nature’s perfect cleansing and detoxification aid.

★ Turmeric: Turmeric root is a natural remedy to fight systemic inflammation and is a powerful antioxidant.

★ Cayenne Pepper: Literally Feel Great contains Capsimax® cayenne pepper extract/ capsicum extract. Capsimax® does not break down in your GI tract which means you won’t feel any of the burn or discomfort typically associated with hot red peppers. Cayenne pepper/capsaicinoids are known to increase energy levels, improve digestive health, and support detoxification.

Other ingredients: Cellulose, Rice Flour, Vegetable Stearates, Silicone Dioxide

Feel great naturally!


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