I’ve been a big fan of Toni’s colors & shadows since the very beginning. She has always made amazing, high quality products & her group is a place full of support, positivity & love. It’s been so awesome to watch her grow & perfect her cosmetics line & I can’t wait to try the skin care. Recently she’s added Sunburst Creme to powder shadows and they are legit my favorite eye shadows in the world. I order from her often & I am never disappointed with the service, the products or the turn around time. When you order from her you know you are getting your items with a quickness. No waiting forever for things to be made, bottled or made. When she releases it, it’s ready to ship out. I absolutely love and respect that beyond measure. If you are here reading reviews, trying to decide if you want to try her products, my answer is YES ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY!You will not be disappointed, I promise!

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